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River Sherpas  Services

River Sherpas can organise all aspects of your trip down the river. Whether it be transport to and from the river, trip planning, safety gear / equipment, communications, canoe hire, PFD's or helmets, just give Badger  a call on 0437 470 116 to begin planning your next canoeing, camping & fishing adventure.

For all travellers on the Clarence Canoe and Kayak Trail, Nymboida River, Boyd River, Mann River & Clarence River systems wanting to enjoy the complete experience without the hassles. When travelling part of the river or doing the full trip down one of the longest and most amazing canoe and kayak trails in Australia, why not do it in comfort and style with the River Sherpas.

The River Sherpas offer a complete transport and logistics service for your gear & equipment for canoeists, anglers, bird watchers, nature lovers, people travelling by kayak or fishing kayak, photographers and anyone looking to go on that long awaited trip of a life time into some of the most beautiful river system in Australia and indeed, the world. While you spend your time paddling, fishing and enjoying the scenery in the fresh mountain air, we will transport your gear and equipment to your next campsite destination.

If you ever wanted to go on that ‘big camping trip’ down the river and haven’t because you realised you have no way of carrying all your equipment, then now is the time to call us, we have just the right tools for the job. Big trips require big planning and we are more than happy to help you enjoy your time on the river.

River Sherpas Trip Planning: 

We will work with you to ensure all the logistics of your trip down the river are covered. We can also organise bookings and payment for camp sites where camping fees apply. Trip plans can be as simple or complex as you need to suit your specific requirements. A basic example of inclusions in a detailed trip plan which we can help you organise include but are not limited to items listed below:

  • Hazard Identification & Risk Management
  • First Aid Action Plans / Allergic Reaction Action Plans / Anaphylaxis Action Plans / First Aid Requirements / First Aid Supplies
  • Safety Equipment List / Safety Equipment Supplies
  • Safety Briefings (PFD / Helmet / Swim Stroke / Ferry Glide / Throw Rope / Signals / Whistle Signals / Capsize)
  • Paddle Stroke Instruction
  • Personal Equipment List
  • Clothing / Sun Protection
  • Detailed Navigation Plan
  • Contingency Plans
  • Maps

* PFD's * Helmets * Paddles * Canoes * Satellite Phone * Transport To & From River * 
We can help you organise these things and more.

River Sherpas Scanoe / Canoe Repair Service:
We understand the many situations that can arise during trips down the river. When your scanoe or canoe gets beaten up in rapids, bolder fields, rough portages, under water obstructions, over hanging trees or what ever the case may be, give Badger  a call on  
0437 470 116

BEFORE: Damaged Scanoe in need of repair.                                      AFTER: Scanoe repaired & back in shape.
River Sherpas Canoe Customisation Service:

At River Sherpas we also offer a canoe customisation service to make your Scanoe / canoe just that bit more comfortable during those long hours fishing and paddling. We can install comfortable padded seats, rod holders, cup holders, motor mounts and any custom new or replacement parts you require to set up your canoe just the way you want it.

Folding padded seats

For the long trips down the river. Make your next fishing trip a pleasure.

Seat folded down

Here you see the seat folded for transport & for portaging through rapids.

Custom made motor mounts

River Sherpas  custom made motor mounts can be tailored to your specific requirements. All bolts are 316 marine grade stainless steel and the body is made from aluminium and high density nylon.