River Sherpas

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The River Sherpas

River Sherpas began with a few close mates canoeing the mighty Nymboida & Mann River systems. Every year we spend a lot of hours in the mountains on these rivers, which gives us an intimate knowledge of the safest and most desirable paths to take along the river and through the rapids according to the varying water heights. We also hold our own Private River Sherpas Invitational Fishing Trip, which is our "big invite only trip" for the year. It's basically our chance to catch up with old friends and school mates for a good old fashion camping, canoeing and fishing trip.

Why we do what we do.

The River Sherpas are Qualified White Water Canoe Guides and are dedicated to making sure you have the experience of a lifetime on one of the greatest river systems in the world. We have travelled the Nymboida River, Boyd River, Mann River and Clarence River systems extensively in multiple and varying river heights and conditions, enabling us to determine the safest and most desirable travel path along the river. This ensures the safe arrival of you, your gear & equipment at your desired camp site destination.
Amazing scenery, amazing memories.
During your time on the river with the River Sherpas  you will experience some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. From the pristine fresh water and beautiful rapid sections to the granite cliffs and surrounding mountain ranges, these are scenes that once experienced will never be forgotten.

An awesome place to fish.

White water greets you as you begin to immerse your self in an atmosphere of crystal clear water, granite boulders, mountainous peaks and Bell Birds ringing through out the valley. The moment you begin your adventure you see the fishing potential all around. As you scout out the river you notice all the right structure in all the right places. Small grassy islands dotted throughout the river, underwater granite boulder fields, over hanging trees on the river banks, rocky outcrops and underwater tree structures are just the beginning of the temptations on offer for the big bass hunter. A well stocked tackle bag is definitely the order of the day when you’re in big bass country. Cicadas, poppers, jitterbugs, night crawlers, spinners, blades, bugs, divers - shallow and deep are a necessary part of the fresh water kit in order for you to adapt to the varying conditions of the fishing holes along the way. Fast flowing water, slow pools, granite canyons and boulder strewn streams are just some of the conditions where the difference between an average sized bass and a BIG BASS is decided by the right choice and correct cast of lure.

We understand the different needs and requirements of river fishing and river travel and sometimes you just want to be able to fish the hard to get to places without the hassles of transporting gear, equipment and luggage down the river especially if travelling in fishing kayaks. This is the complete bass fishing trip with all the trimmings. Fishing, kayaking, canoeing, camping, amazing scenery, the fresh mountain air, crystal clear water, awesome swimming holes, awesome fishing holes and all your equipment transported for you on the trip of a life time. When you choose the expert services of the River Sherpas, you will be glad you did.

Why choose River Sherpas ?
Whether it is your first time on the river or you are a seasoned veteran, we can help you plan and tailor a more comfortable trip to suit your requirements allowing you to spend the maximum time fishing and taking in the scenery without the worry of transporting your equipment. These river systems can present the traveller with many unique and problematic situations if you are not equipped to deal with the ever changing conditions. Many travellers we see and speak with are ill prepared for long stays on the river and subsequently find themselves cutting a trip short due to equipment failure or simply not being able to adequately carry enough provisions for the trip duration. Other paddlers find themselves needing to plan shorter trips than they would like due to being unable to carry enough camping gear, provisions and inadequate cold food storage. The River Sherpas  take the hassle out of the trip for you, leaving you to enjoy the journey at your own pace, so you can fully appreciate every aspect of the time spent travelling and fishing along the river.

 Eco sustainability.
The River Sherpas are passionate about eco sustainability and the preservation of the natural environment. We aim to leave the river and it’s surroundings the same way we find it, never leaving any rubbish behind and removing where safe and possible any rubbish we find along the way. We also encourage any anglers to abide by catch and release fishing standards so as to promote a healthy ecosystem and abundant fish stocks in the river system for the benefit of themselves and future travellers along the river. For this reason we only encourage lure or fly fishing and the use of barb-less hooks or the crimping of barbs on hooks. Incorporating the services of the River Sherpas  into your next trip down the river will definitely turn a good trip into an awesome trip along an amazing river system through absolute picturesque scenery which is truly a ‘must do’ for anyone with the spirit of adventure flowing through their veins.